Agricultural Stress Index in Iraq - October 2016

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The ASI for Iraq October 2016, shows that cropland in the Northern Governorates was still off-season during the reporting period and most likely being prepared for planting. These areas include those of Duhok, Nothern part of Erbil, Sulayamaniya, northern parts of Diyala and Ninewa together with Kirkuk. There were also some considerable portions of cropland in off-season around Baghdad while some areas also were less affected by dryness at the beginning of the month, while towards the end of October some small portions of cropland were also affected by dryness. In summary, northern Governorates, usually receive over 600 mm rainfall, and are surplus areas compared to the rest of the country; with rainy season coming in March, April, May and June, which is the cropping season. 



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